Getting Teeth Replacements, What You Need To Know

Having a strong and healthy set of teeth is very important to our overall health.  If we don’t have strong teeth they will begin to degrade and eventually fall out of your mouth.  This in turn will cause you to have mouth pain as well as your appearance change resulting in lack of confidence and self-esteem. 

When this happens however, we do have several options that we can consider.  The first is to see if we can get our teeth repaired.  This is done with caps and crowns.  However, if our teeth are severely damaged or no longer present, partial dentures in Port Charlotte or even a full set of dentures may be required to fix the problem.

Removal of old teeth

The first step in the process is to get an exam or evaluation.  You will make an appointment with your local dentist to see what state your mouth is currently in.  What they will do is they will do an x-ray of your mouth and from the results know what teeth are good, going bad, can be saved or need to be pulled.

Once this is completed, they will setup an appointment to perform whatever procedure it is you need done.  You will then need to make your appointment for the procedure.

Preparing for the procedure

Once you know what is involved you will need to contact your insurance company and determine if they will cover the procedure and if not, how much will be needed to come out of pocket.  From there you will want to coordinate with a friend or family member to take you to your appointment and bring you back.  Most dentists won’t allow you to have the procedure done if you don’t have a ride home.

partial dentures in Port Charlotte


After your appointment you will need to go home and rest.  You will be recovering from the medication that they used during the procedure as well as fighting pain. Make sure that you follow all aftercare instructions so that you can have a fast and as pain free as possible recovery.