Does Your Pet Have What It Takes To With A Blue Ribbon?

In life people will say that you have the cutest baby or a great looking pet.  When they say this you feel good inside and proud.  However, one thing that stays in the back of your mind will always be, is my dog really that cute?  One way that you can determine this is to enter cute pet photo contest calgary ab.  With these contests you can make your pet known and even win them a cool prize.  Then when you have a prize-winning pet, you have all of the bragging rights you need.


The first thing that people will judge is the coat of your pet.  Is the coat clean and free of marks, dirt and insects?  The coat of your pet needs to be well groomed and soft to the touch.  Oily skin and other conditions will be major factors when it comes to judging your pet.


The next component will be their teeth and gums.  Are your pet’s teeth clean and healthy?  If they are then this is a great indication of the overall care you have been giving to them.

Their demeanor

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How does your pet act?  Are they well behaved or are they rambunctious?  The way that your pet acts in public as well as in private can be a major factor in how they will appear in pictures.  When taking photos, you want your pets to act natural and not staged.  If your pets are staged, then it will show in the pictures.

Find natural features to photograph

You want to find natural photos for them to be photographed in.  If your dog has a unique look, then capture that.  If they walk funny or like to run into areas of the house and spin out, then you want to capture that as well.  The best pictures are ones that are spontaneous and unrehearsed.