All About Equestrian Cups And Fences

Here is a short little essay for all those who have a keen interest in equestrian events. Long, long before they take their first riding lessons, they are more than familiar with such things like cups and fences. Indeed, they have fences that surround their homes. These provide them with a sense of security. Many of them are so tall that no unwelcome intruder can ever climb over it, never mind leap over it, no matter how hard they try.

Unless, of course, they brought with them a steep ladder. And in that case, wouldn’t the neighbors all know. The odd thing about fences for horses is not so much to keep them penned in but to allow them to leap over them. The use of horse jump cups just happens to help them to cushion the blow. Or avoid one altogether. The cups are inserted within the fence. So that by the time the horse’s heels or ankles clip the fence per chance, the fence simply slips off of its railing.

horse jump cups

There is no hard blow between horse and fence and the horse is allowed to gallop further on its way. Until it reaches the next fence. And braces itself for the leap. Psychologically, the horse already has full confidence that all will be well by the time it breaches the fence. Because there is now no prospect of it injuring itself should any contact be made. It is all about providing safety for both horse and its rider.

The first-time rider needs to be mindful of such matters. Safety at all costs. Safety first before any form of pleasure. Not a hard bargain to drive but well worth preserving for the long-term riding experience. And then there are those cups. Do enjoy.